Blister Pact

Blister Pact began as a crowd-sourced art project created by Ian Trask in 2014. The first step was to collect thousands of thermoformed plastic packages and containers, specifically seeking contributions of discards from individual consumers within the community. Over the next seven months, Ian then turned the donated packaging into a large-scale sculptural installation at the Invisible Dog Art Center, exhibited in 2015.

Blister Pact Short Film by Martin Loper

A thermoformed plastic container, also referred to as a blister pack or clamshell, is a ubiquitous form of plastic waste that is difficult to recycle and ultimately destined for the landfill. The primary goal of the artwork was to inform the community of the complexities of sustainable consumption, as well as provide a system to collectively remove the troublesome material from the local waste stream.

Blister Pact has since been transformed into a collaboration with Artichoke Dance at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. "Overflow," a dance performance about water currents and pollution, featured a dynamic set created with re-imagined panels of Blister Pact. Check out photos of the "Overflow" performance here. Or watch this video of the entire performance.

Blister Pact Photo Gallery

Final Installation at the Invisible Dog from March through April, 2015.