Newsletter with Bonus: Story Contest! / by Daniella Trask

We just distributed our latest newsletter with updates on Ian's website makeover and more information on Ian's residency. Also announcing an open call for story submissions! Check out the newsletter here and make sure not to miss any future updates - sign up for delivery right to your inbox here.

Story Contest!

We've got a surprise for you all. Up until now, Ian has only been asking people who have collected his slide viewer collages to contribute to the book project, but that's about to change. Want a chance to be part of the Strange Histories storybook? We're opening the doors.

The ask is simple: Based on the collage below, write a 1-4 paragraph short story or story excerpt inspired by the image. Interpret it however you like, there's no right or wrong answer.

Deadline is September 29 (the last day of Ian's residency). We will be reviewing submissions and would like to try to include at least one story that we receive into the book and publish it as a blog post. Submit your story to: We can't wait to read what you come up with!

Strange Histories collage for story contest.