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Strange Histories




“Strange Histories” is a new body of work created from collections of old 35mm slides. The project originated when I responded to the following online newsletter post:

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, after 12 years of unexpected absurdity, are artistically moving on. Meaning: We have thousands of slides from the 1950s-80s that have got to go. We are calling on any and all NYC-area artists to carry the torch and continue to create important art through these unique time-capsules images. Come out to Bushwick and grab a bag full, or two or three. Come over, have some tea, and tell us about the future of art

I met Jason Tractenburg in his Bushwick apartment, learned the story of his unique family band, and then walked away with thousands of slides. After numerous days of looking at random images I eventually developed a process. By selecting slides with specific transparency values, I could experiment and layer them in an analog fashion and then view through vintage slide viewers. The photomontage process obscures the identities and locations pictured in the slides generating surreal histories that question the truthfulness of the original images. After spending countless hours peering into the stories of the people who took the pictures, and considering the complex lifecycle of these slides themselves, I found myself returning to the notion that together we create strange histories.