Invisible Dog Art Center in the New York Times / by Daniella Trask

Thanks to Lucien Zayan's extremely hard work and his vision for the empty factory building on Bergen, The Invisible Dog Art Center is thriving. I'm honored to be a part of its history and excited to see the Invisible Dog profiled in the New York Times. Check it out here.

Ian Trask, a 27-year-old artist making the transition from a career in science, first came to Invisible Dog in November for a Recession Art show. At Mr. Zayan’s invitation, he spent three months scavenging in the basement. He turned coils of canvas belts into a three-dimensional painting, which now hangs over the building’s freight elevator. Another piece, a 162-foot cardboard worm, is stored downstairs.

“Lucien’s been very kind to me,” said Mr. Trask, now Invisible Dog’s first artist-in-residence. “A lot of my collectors are friends of his. He’d bring people to the basement and say, ‘So-and-so wants to buy something.’ ”

Ian Trask in the Invisible Dog basement.

Ian Trask on the Invisible Dog stairway.

Ian Trask on the Invisible Dog stairway.