Invisible Dog Art Center in the New York Times by Daniella Trask

Thanks to Lucien Zayan's extremely hard work and his vision for the empty factory building on Bergen, The Invisible Dog Art Center is thriving. I'm honored to be a part of its history and excited to see the Invisible Dog profiled in the New York Times. Check it out here.

Ian Trask, a 27-year-old artist making the transition from a career in science, first came to Invisible Dog in November for a Recession Art show. At Mr. Zayan’s invitation, he spent three months scavenging in the basement. He turned coils of canvas belts into a three-dimensional painting, which now hangs over the building’s freight elevator. Another piece, a 162-foot cardboard worm, is stored downstairs.

“Lucien’s been very kind to me,” said Mr. Trask, now Invisible Dog’s first artist-in-residence. “A lot of my collectors are friends of his. He’d bring people to the basement and say, ‘So-and-so wants to buy something.’ ”

Ian Trask in the Invisible Dog basement.

Ian Trask on the Invisible Dog stairway.

Ian Trask on the Invisible Dog stairway.